Saturday, December 26, 2009



in the last few months, i've received a bunch of comments here on the blog from tons of different people, including a poet whose work i've posted previously.

i am so honored that you enjoy the pieces i've posted here and am glad that i can share my love of the written word with you.

this started as a small private project to consolidate poems i enjoyed over time, and i had no idea that i would be reaching so many readers with this little blog that i don't even update as much as i should.

thanks for stopping by - if you read often, i'd love to have your "hellos" here because this is my hello to you.



  1. hi! i came across your blog yesterday while searching for a neruda poem, and ended up linking to you and another poem you had posted, and that ended up getting passed along through several of my friends who all posted to your blog. it was strange. and we are so grateful that you've kept this place for us to reference!

    so, thank you :)

  2. Brigid -- As I said above I'm glad you're back posting. Just noticed your general thank-you note. I sent your blog on to the poet Ellen Bass (Gate C22)who also enjoyed it greatly.
    thanks again

  3. Brigid, my 3-year-old daughter specifically asked me for a poem about crying. I couldn't find any in our poem books at home, and a search for poems about crying (for children) on the web resulted in heart-wrenching poems not suited for a typical 3-year-old kind of sadness. But I eventually found Crying by Galway Kinnell here. Perfect! I can hardly wait to share it with her, she'll surely love it!