Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Thaw - Gordon Gilsdorf

Most things
die reluctantly,
to the life
they know,

like snow
trying to hold
the land
far beyond
the middle
of March.

How can it know
that April
will not have
violets without warm rains

and that
is the only way
to inherit
the earth?


  1. please put the sad nun love poem up, thank you.

  2. I like this blog. I think I shall follow it so I get a daily (or so) dose of high class words.

  3. kellie - i will. you also must remember it is only actually in the book 25% of the time, so i'll have to see when i can find it.

    katie - thanks! i'm trying to get back to posting at least once a day, in january, i was posting like 4 a day... woosh.