Thursday, November 19, 2009

In November - Lisel Mueller

Outside the house the wind is howling
and the trees are creaking horribly.
This is an old story
with its old beginning,
as I lay me down to sleep.
But when I wake up, sunlight
has taken over the room.
You have already made the coffee
and the radio brings us music
from a confident age. In the paper
bad news is set in distant places.
Whatever was bound to happen
in my story did not happen.
But I know there are rules that cannot be broken.
Perhaps a name was changed.
A small mistake. Perhaps
a woman I do not know
is facing the day with the heavy heart
that, by all rights, should have been mine.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks again. Lovely. I'm a big fan of Lisel Mueller. I always return to her. Most people out east (NYC) have no idea who she is though she has won a bundle of awards, quite deservedly. Look forward to your selections. Sent your blog out to all the folks in my writers workshop.